There is a strange perspective shift going on for me at the moment. On the one hand, I am working extremely hard on my extracurriculars (i.e. Learning To Master) and feel like I have done a lot in such a short period of time. On the other hand, I am trying to break into a model that has been used before by many people. These people have loads more content and already refined their “brand” down to a few key elements. Advertisers want to use established people, not newbies. I get it.

So with the long view in mind, I thought I would give an update on what I have coming out this month and what I plan to do in the next year.

This Month

There are loads of new things I will be adding to the website and the YouTube channel. First, I am almost done with a recap video of what you can realistically do in one months of progress when learning 3D art. This will come out as soon as I record the audio.

Then, I have a short story I will be reading to you in a YouTube video. I thought about putting the text up, but I would rather keep that for later.

After the short story, I will be working on some videos related to photography and meditation. I have three planned for this already. Each one I think has the ability to be really special.

Lastly, I am going to be working on a new set of lessons for 3D art related to environment modeling. So expect a progress report on this in the form of a video with work I have accomplished since the one month update.

And Beyond

The short story I have planned will become the first episode of a podcast. The podcast will be a collection of short stories I read to the listener. The episodes will be targeted at about twenty to thirty minutes.

The photography and meditation videos will also be a series I plan on continuing, though I am unsure if I will be making those a standalone podcast or not. The licensing on the audio seems to be only for YouTube. So if I can get other music for those videos, I might turn it into a podcast.

The 3D art will eventually turn into animated shorts and longer work as I get better at it. I can’t say for sure what I will be doing here since so much is dependent on how my workflows evolve.

I am looking into various products that could be sold from both my photography and 3D art. This I don’t expect to come to pass for a while as I plan out a full set of products, but work is going on to set this up.

What is Learning To Master Now and In The Future

Right now, Learning To Master is a kind of blog and advice platform from the perspective of me. The idea is to provide a vision of what someone who is starting something new in the world of art goes through and can realistically achieve. This came about because I truly believe that seeing other people trying to start up a new path in life can reaffirm the efforts we have. So I want to be that reaffirming element for others. I don’t mean for you to compare yourself to me exactly, but if I make you feel good because you are way ahead of me, great! If I make you feel like you are way behind, please know that everyone learns differently. I am just showing my path. Yours could be longer or shorter. Life is not a competition. I don’t expect any success for years, if ever.

In the future, I want to bring in more people to help with this site. Interviews with psychologists about learning methods that work best, discussions with professionals that show all the dirt swept under their rugs, and community efforts to grow artistic representation of new artists are all things I would love to do someday when I get this thing off the ground. Right now, I am just trying to leave my job and get income doing something I love.

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