Howdy all, I have been deep in the YouTube Shorts universe for a little while, and I emerge optimistic. After getting 70 subscribers in just a few days, it feels like I might be able to make it with LTM. To that end, I am happy to announce the integration of live streaming into the media landscape. Starting tomorrow (or today depending on your timezone), I will be going live on YouTube when working on my current projects. I have set up the software and have a playlist of calming music ready to go. So tomorrow if you just want to hang out and listen to some music, I can keep you company.

Related to that, I will also Twitch stream when playing video games. Though that doesn’t happen quite as often. I will add the Twitch link to the sidebar before I go live for the first time.

Enjoy the holiday season, and kick back with me almost every night with some chill beats!

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