Oh boy, the past week ended with some crazy winds, didn’t it? The bifurcation hurricane wreaked havoc on the little LTM YouTube channel, leaving two channels in its wake. That was definitely unforeseen.

This week is a little clearer, to be certain. I don’t see any new developments on the 3D art front. The system we saw off in the ocean last week has remained in place.

The every few weeks weather pattern of photography videos looks to be taking a break with outflow winds from the hurricane last week. I would expect it to come back and pick up a bit the following week, however.

Our reliable LTM 2K system is on track to re-emerge this Friday morning. Last week’s system didn’t drop as much view precipitation as expected, so this week may be light on views as well. We can always hope for more, right? This Friday’s weather pattern will be preceded by a short or two, but they may not be on the same days as last week. The work gods are raining down hailstones in the neighboring effort valley. This isn’t likely to impact much of the trade into our creative space, but…

As always, developments happen quickly.

This has been the LTM Forecast for the week of August 28, 2023.

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