This last weekend got sidetracked quite a bit, didn’t it? Between the holiday and personal festivities, the weather system remained fairly stagnant.

Last week’s LTM 2K got almost no views. That’s an impressively low number for the channel. However, YouTube also didn’t display the thumbnail as much as usual, with only 16 impressions. That pretty much sums it up.

This week’s 2K front is looking rather thunderous. A fast-moving system that has to develop quickly. As of this forecast, I only have 500 words written. If this week’s system doesn’t materialize on time, expect 2 releases next week.

All else is on hold. Many of the other systems seem to be diminishing as the West/East Work Stream blows overhead. Maybe at the end of September, we will see a calming trend from the Work Stream, but for now, it is impacting all the weather here on LTM.

As always, developments happen quickly.

This has been the LTM Forecast for the week of August 28, 2023.

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