Well folks, it looks like the system that was expected to bring us a new 3D animation video has stalled out over the Pacific. This is normal behavior for 3D animation systems, which require many hours to transition into full-fledged storms.

The short story system we expected to materialize on a weekly basis seems to be following course. Right now, the new 2K story is expected to precipitate this Friday at 8 AM PDT. Unless something perturbs this development, expect it to drop some views when it arrives. The short story developing behind it is growing on track to arrive the Friday after.

An unexpected development in the photography hobby has led to an accumulation of photos. This is expected to be released into two videos. One premiering tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8 AM PDT, and the other the following Tuesday. The first video is a compilation of zoo photos, the second a compilation of cemetery photos. However, after this system of videos, I expect the photography to transition into 3D animation going into the middle of August.

As always, developments can come about quickly, but the current systems seem to be mellowing out for the time being.

This has been the LTM Forecast for the week of July 31, 2023.

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