We had a surprising development this past weekend. A new LTM video opener and logo has been created. It’s a short video, only about 8 seconds long, but that entire weather pattern dropped out of nowhere.

This week, we can expect another LTM 2K right on schedule. There is a small high-pressure system moving in that may disrupt this pattern, but it doesn’t seem to be anything substantial.

In that same system, a new development seems to be blowing up out of the West. YouTube Shorts are small videos filmed from a phone camera. This week, I see a new part of LTM breaking out this Wednesday. You will have to keep a lookout for that short to see what it brings.

The photography trend we saw on the horizon last week is here this week. Tomorrow, expect a new photography video. It came from over the mountains in Sacramento with some more somber themes.

And that 3D art short that looked to be off in the ocean still seems to be dwelling out there. We will have to keep waiting for that to turn into a small short headed to the East before anything substantial hits LTM.

As always, developments happen quickly.

This has been the LTM Forecast for the week of August 14, 2023.

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